Traditional Values, Modern Service

At a time when “bigger” is often considered synonymous with “better,” we believe our clients are best served by the personal attention that we are able to provide them in a small office setting. This belief is reflected in our mission statement:

“To provide excellent legal services to a broad range of clients, in a caring and personal way, with the highest ethical standards, at reasonable fees, in a timely and efficient manner, in a small law firm setting.”

Our Heritage

Frick Powell LLP traces its history back to the 1940’s. The firm was originally comprised of Robert C. Enlow and Bernard “Bunny” Frick and was known as “Enlow and Frick.” Mr. Enlow retired from the practice of law in 1950. William D. Powell joined Mr. Frick as an associate in 1956, and in 1960 they became partners and changed the firm’s name to “Frick and Powell.”

Bunny Frick died in 1967, and Mr. Powell continued to operate the firm under the name of “Frick and Powell.” That same year, John B. Whinrey began his legal career as an associate in one of Evansville’s larger law firms. John became a partner in that firm in 1972, but after 15 years, he became frustrated with practicing law in a large firm and opened the Law Office of John B. Whinrey in 1982.

When Mr. Powell died in 1987, John and Garland W. Cravens, Jr., the sole surviving partner of Frick and Powell, merged their practices creating what would eventually become our present firm, “Frick Powell LLP.”

David Harris joined the firm as an associate in 1996, and became a partner in 2001.

Our offices are located in the historic “Parvin House,” a Victorian-designed structure, located at the entrance of Evansville’s Historic Preservation area. Although our setting provides us with ties to an earlier and simpler era, we make a conscious effort not to be lost in the past by keeping abreast of the latest legal research and support technologies.

In the Community

We believe it is important to be active in both the legal community and our community as a whole. We are members of several state and local bar associations. We actively participate in various committees of the Evansville Bar Association (EBA) and one of our attorneys is a past EBA president. We speak at seminars and programs sponsored by various organizations. We also contribute to the community by serving on boards of directors of numerous charitable organizations and by being active in church and community organizations.